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An Tir makes Laurel for Necromancy

BARONY OF THREE MOUNTAINS, AN TIR – An Tir has been at the forefront of Laurel research for several years, and once again they have pushed the boundaries of the Known Worlde. The Council of Laurels has selected Arawn of Annwn as the first Laurel in the subject of necromancy. After ten years of dedicated work and sacrifice, it was evident that the occultist had achieved the required skill and peer-like qualities to be elevated to a new rank. Although some members of the circle had concerns about Arawn’s use of necromancy for commercial purposes, which in normal circumstances in An Tir would demand a minimum of 20 years of Laurel-level work, Arawn was voted through on death-threats and reminders of the immense body of work.

“We view research as the most important aspect of being a Laurel. This methodology will allow us to get information directly from the primary sources, including key eyewitnesses such as Herodotus and Geoffrey of Monmouth” stated a spokes-Laurel. 

Speaking from his skull-encrusted throne in his castle in the Barony of Three Mountains, Arawn was delighted. “I am pleased and gratified that the Laurel circle and the Crown has seen fit to bestow me with this great honour. I look forward to diving deeper into the many historical sources that have fascinated us for years and with a steady supply of new sacri-uhhh, apprentices, I am sure that we can grow and develop necromancy as a fine art across the Known Worlde.”

Increased reports of missing persons near the Barony of Three Mountains is presumed purely coincidental.

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