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Kingdom of Calontir nominated for GRAMMY Award

BARONY OF THREE RIVERS, CALONTIR – The Kingdom of Calontir has just been nominated for a GRAMMY award in the Outstanding Education Program category. This category is for persons or groups dedicated to excellency in using music in an educational context. 

According to the press release: “The Kingdom of Calontir has demonstrated an ongoing dedication to using an inclusive style in teaching about medieval history. They use a variety of songs tracing important stories about the period in order to teach participants and listeners.  Their dedication to using music to further knowledge is in keeping with their non-profit mission, and we have chosen to highlight their unusual methodology.”

Master Gilbertus Badcock, known outside of the Society as John Johnson, a high school German teacher and author of many of the historical songs highlighted by the GRAMMYs, commented, “We are, of course, honored by the consideration and nomination. We take seriously our educational mission, and I am looking forward to introducing a new piece about the War of the Roses at the ceremony.”

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