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A&S Contestant Excoriated for Improper Citation

SHIRE OF RIVENWOOD TOWER, NORTHSHIELD – Judges and contestants alike were wowed last Saturday at an Arts and Sciences contest by a 16th century Venetian gown. “It’s absolutely stunning! Laurel-level work from someone who’s only been playing for two years!” declared Mistress Eleanor Beauchamp of the hand-sewn garment. Subtle rose in color, the silk garment was covered in embroidery and pearls, with genuine ermine edging. Lady Katherine de Bretagne, 20, was floored by the response to her handiwork. “I really didn’t think it was all that great. I’m still pretty unhappy with the pleating and how the silk skirting drapes,” she admitted to The SCAllion modestly. “Still, it’s really wonderful that people are showing so much interest in it!”

Her excitement was cut short, however, after receiving the scorecard from one judge. While she received scores of 9s and 10s nearly across the board, one judge gave her only 5 out of 10 possible points. 

“It’s very unpeerlike and unscholarly to not understand how to format a bibliographic note,” explained judge Master Kristoph der Bald von Metz. “I was also disappointed that she didn’t also raise the silk worms and spin the fabric herself. And those paper sheets seem pretty impersonal, so I talked to her and explained that when I got my Laurel in AS XXXVII for a period feast featuring duck, which I raised and slaughtered myself, of course, along with all of the root vegetables I grew in the garden…” He continued at length for several minutes, but our scribe developed a cramp and stopped recording.

The Lady Bretagne was unable to be located for further comment, but onlookers noted that she left the site in tears.

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