Calontir · Pennsic War

Calontir Replaces Famous Shield Wall at Great Pennsic War Field Battle with Actual Bulldozers

BARONY-MARCHE OF DEBATABLE LANDS, AETHELMEARC – In a stunning move which rocked the entire Pennsic War, Calontir quite literally rolled out onto the battlefield for the Field Battle this morning with a full battalion of Caterpillar D-9 bulldozers in lieu of their SCA-wide famous shield wall.

When asked for an explanation, Calontir King Thjothrekr Skulisson was quoted as saying “Yeah, well, we’re tired of just pretending.  We did paint the striking falcon on all the plow blades.  I just don’t know what everyone’s so upset about. Look, we’re here to have some fun.”

In response, Eastern King Lothgar, son of Corbus, was heard to say “Are you f***in’ kidding me?  You know what?  Fine.  I’m from Jersey, I know some guys.  We got this.”  When pressed, King Lothgar wouldn’t expand on his statement except to say, “You’ll see.  I got some ‘special help’ on the way.  You’ll see.”  Speculation is currently running rampant throughout the camp regarding what the Eastern king meant with his cryptic reply.

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