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Trimarian Duke threatens to ‘Flat Snap Hurricane to Mid-Atlantic’

BARONY OF MARCASTER, TRIMARIS – As Hurricane Bertha, a Category 4 storm in the Gulf of Mexico, barrels toward the Florida peninsula with an expected landfall this week, Duke Jose Gaspar from the Barony of Marcaster, openly declared that he was “sick of this s***” and threatened that the storm needed to “have a talkin’ to out back”, and hoped that with enough force, it would scoot out of the Gulf and into the open waters of the Atlantic.

“I just got my prefab back up to code after the last one.” He grumbled, wrapping fresh Florida Gators-branded duct tape on his rattan sword. “Sure, it gives my roofing business work, but I ain’t got no time for practice!”

When asked what would happen if the feat worked, His Grace shrugged and said, “That’s gonna be Atlantia’s problem.”

Duke Jose was last seen at Ft. Desoto County Park, swinging feverishly toward the Southwest.

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