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Society Marshal to discontinue light armored fencing experiment in favor of nude fencing program

SHIRE OF SOUTHKEEP, TRIMARIS –  As the SCA has grown and changed through the years, so too have the needs of its members.  Over the last year or so, the Society Marshal has enabled and encouraged a light armor experiment in rapier fighting which has been well received by much of the steel fighting community.

Today, The SCAllion can reveal that last week’s abrupt suspension of the light armor experiment was due to a pressure campaign waged by certain members of the rapier community who desired to replace light armor with no armor at all.

“We think that the Celts, Picts and other tribes who fought nude are an unexplored aspect of history that would really push the SCA in a new and freeing direction” was the view of a group of unnamed and unclothed rapier fighters at a beach in Trimaris.

This new nude experiment is reported to be the future of steel fighting in the SCA as all current Masters of Defense are in favor, given the steel fighting community’s generally attractive nature and commitment to clean diet and frequent, healthy exercise.

This new direction will require new rules and, of course, safety will be paramount. As a result, all steel weapons must be replaced with silicone rubber weapons and the minimum diameter will be 1 and 1/4 inches. Length will, as ever, be up to individual fighter’s discretion. New vocabulary will also be introduced: “harder” if a shot is too light, “yes” if the shot calibration is good, and “more” if individuals enjoyed their bout and would like to fight again.

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