Board of Directors · Lochac · Royal Peer

Barony of Southern Wastes, Antarctica to promote selves to Principality 

BARONY OF SOUTHERN WASTES, LOCHAC – In the cold of an Antarctic summer, the Barony of Southern Wastes held its First Coronet Tourney in three rounds: snowball fight, speed chess, and cold endurance (garb only), outside the McMurdo Station research building. With a pool of 5 combatants, all fighting for each other, Princess Ebbe Schroeder won for Principessa Julia Flavia. Investiture was held as soon as all participants had warmed up enough to hold regalia.

Dr. Sven Oskarsson, known in the SCA as Baron Jean Luc Laflamme, OP, was quoted “We’re scientists. It is -9 C° today! To put on armor and fight a tourney is, I think you say, madness? We would have dead Coronets who could not perform jobs.” 

When asked about the Board of Directors revoking their official status for the unsanctioned variance, Mistress Yrmegard Groß remarked “Oh yes, let them come and prise it from our very cold, live fingers.” The statement was followed by colorful German supernouns that The SCAllion has chosen not to include.

The Coronet list was well attended with cheery faces pressed to nearly every dorm window and a small emperor penguin colony on hand providing noisome spectator commentary for the outdoor rounds. The chess games were heraldically syndicated in the cafeteria for those who could not see the players, allowing event attendees to follow along on their own boards and in notebooks.

The event was deemed a roaring success as 23 new members were recruited among recent Station arrivals. To end the day, the competitors with the two highest points totals for all three rounds briefly sat the carved ice thrones and had spectacular ice coronets placed upon their brows long enough for a single blurry photo before everyone dashed back inside. A fine feast of stews and breads of the Middle Ages was served to Princess Ebbe, a chess grandmaster/mathematician, Princess Julia Flavia, a glaciologist and game theory fanatic and their happy populace. Long may the Ice Princesses reign!

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