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Joke at fighter practice taken way too far, several kingdoms currently on fire 

BARONY OF SOUTH DOWNS, MERIDIES  –  The punchline of a joke told by two squires at a fighter practice in the Barony of South Downs “and so, the BoD banned combat archery” went completely viral this weekend. Social media in multiple kingdoms exploded as the punchline was taken to be holy writ. 

Posts demanding removal of the Society President and Society Earl Marshal and, for the 13th time in early 2023, requests for the dissolution of the Board began showing up in at least 12 kingdom Facebook groups almost immediately. The hashtag “#ImpeachTheBoD” began trending nationally on Twitter as evangelical Christians thought it was a call for impeachment of United States Government Officials. 

Guy of Hampton, a prominent Atenveldt combat archer was quoted on Twitter as saying “Duke Hunting Season… I mean… War will never be the same. #ImpeachTheBoD #NeverAgain”

At this time there has been no official reply from Society leadership clarifying that this was a joke even though a simple published statement through official channels would resolve this issue to everyone’s satisfaction.

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