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Unfashionable Ansteorran fencer asked to leave practice, improve garb

BARONY OF BJORNSBORG, ANSTEORRA – Last month, Sweyn Ravensfriend, left his local baronial fencing practice outraged and hurt. Unimpressed by his attire of a simple Norse tunic and gray pajama bottoms, the other combatants asked him to leave and consider using his time to improve his appearance.

“I couldn’t believe it! I went to a few heavy fighter practices before I decided it wasn’t really for me, but no one said anything about my clothes down there.” He continued, fighting back tears, “then I went to try fencing and my second time trying it, they asked me to leave?! I mean, screw those guys!”

Master of Defense Gustavo San Pedro runs the weekly meet-up. “Both inside and outside of the list field, we represent the entire rapier community and the Queen. It is important that we all look our very best at all times. We have a hard enough time as it is being taken seriously, so it is crucial that fencers dress to impress.” He paused for a moment to remove his wide brimmed hat with no less than a dozen large ostrich plumes. “I understand that he’s upset, but each and every one of us had to learn this lesson too. And now look, we finally have our own peerage, and we are, hands down, the best looking part of the SCA!”

Another fencer we spoke with, going only by Xavier, expressed his sympathies. “Yeah, it sucks. I get it, man. But if they didn’t push me to look good, I’d still be wearing a 20 year old loaner tunic.” He smiled brightly, showing off his green velvet Tudor-era doublet. “Win or lose, when you look good, you feel good, right? And what better way to honor Her Majesty than to dress our absolute best?”

Speaking with Sweyn from his home, he continued. “I was mad, yeah. But I’m starting to get it, I think. Even if I do kind of think they look like silly dancers all swishy-poking at each other. But dressed that sharp, you kinda feel like maybe that dude could kill me, ya know?” The unmistakable chugging of a sewing machine could be heard in the background. “So, I guess maybe they have a point after all.”

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