Drachenwald · Insulae Draconis · Lochac · Sanctions

Kingdom of Drachenwald to exile R&D’d members to Lochac; cites historical precedent and the good of the Realm.

BARONY OF THAMESREACH, PRINCIPALITY OF INSULAE DRACONIS, DRACHENWALD – The Kingdom of Drachenwald today announced that future and present members subject to revocation and denial of membership would be exiled to Lochac indefinitely. 

Citing historical precent and the well-being of the populace, King Aethelbald the Short-Sighted said that the Kingdom of Drachenwald had been struggling with members with active sanctions against them still showing up to events. “They just will not take the hint!” he wailed. “We’ve kicked them out, we’ve pelted them with rotten eggs, we’ve even set the heralds on them, but absolutely nothing works! The blighters keep coming back!”

To this end, the Kingdom’s Travel Fund has been redirected to hire a tramp steamer bound for the Kingdom of Lochac.  Local members of the Chivalry have promised to ensure that all members subject to revocation and denial of membership will be on it when it sets sail next month. The SCAllion spoke with some former members from a safe ten foot distance and they are unanimously excited about their new start in Terra Incognita. “The Kingdom of Drachenwald just doesn’t have the tolerance I expected for the ten foot rule” stated Borghilda zuKrankenschiffel, who was sanctioned for crimes against fashion, decency and hygiene. “I’m looking forward to a kingdom that doesn’t know about my 15 beers before taking the field habit” exclaimed Gearoid MacSuibne. 

The Kingdom of Lochac has vowed to turn back or sink any ship bearing sanctioned former members  before it enters their territorial waters. Failing that, the King of Lochac said they would let the local wildlife have their way as the sheep in the Barony of Aneala are known to be especially vicious.

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