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SCA group celebrates Burns Night

EOFORWIC, EALDORMERE – The Royal Citie of Eoforwic has plans this evening to honor their Scottish-persona members by having a Burns Night dinner in the most exclusive spot in town – their seneschal’s basement.

“Och, of course we do this every year!” said Angus MacDuncan, the group chatelaine and the cook for the evening’s dinner. “I make a fine black pudding and haggis, and Moira makes the shortbread for dessert. Bobby Burns talks about all three things in his poetry.” 

The participants dress up in kilts and plaid tunics, and the local Musician’s Guild takes the opportunity to play fine medieval Scottish ballads such as Loch Lomond and Scotland the Brave. “We’re very careful about our documentation of such things,” says the guild leader Dale mec Angus, “that’s why the poetry is such an important part of the evening!” 

Repeated attempts to point out that Robert Burns is considerably post-SCA period were dismissed as “How very un-Scottish of you.”

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