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New PLQ Announced: being a dick to everyone

BARONY OF DARKWOOD, THE WEST – In light of recent changes in standards of behavior observed in the collected peerages of the Known World, the Board of Directors has authorized a change to Corpora to state “Corpora Section VIII.A.1, under ‘General Requirements’ to hold a Patent of Arms to replace ‘They shall have set an example of courteous and noble behavior suitable to a peer of the realm,’ with ‘c. They shall have set an example of behavior suitable to a peer of the realm.  Including being a complete and utter dick towards anyone whom they see fit.’”

Duquesa Costança Beatriz Mercado de Castille y Puerto, acting Board spokesperson, hopes that this change in requirements “will enable our Peers to be more effective and live up to the standards outlined in Corpora.”  She continued with “and we hope that not only do these updated standards assist with the selection of additional peers that will no doubt bring the Society’s very real work into the modern Middle Ages.”

“At least they’re changing Corpora to better reflect the reality of the Chivalry,” said one Laurel, who spoke to The SCAllion on condition of anonymity. “But it’s just simply not the way a true Laurel behaves!”  Master Thomas de Kyngesford, OD, OL, OP, upon overhearing this comment, promptly expired from laughter. 

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