Setting the record straight

The SCAllion would like to apologize and retract a name in one of our articles. Our writers mostly don’t actually know any other languages besides English and even that is questionable at best for most of them, and our translator goblin Titivillus is a dick.

In Clothing Laurel suffocates under 300-pound fabric stash; friends say fitting end, how she would have wanted to go, we indicated that the Laurel’s name was Poubelle. Turns out, we really suck at translating and transcribing French names, and discovered our error and that the name we printed could be misconstrued as unkind. The translations department blames the copy department. The copy department, a dank room filled with grumpy scribes, blames candle austerity measures and Titivillus.

As a result, we did check our translation goblin Titivillus again (read: actively threatened him), and the little malevolent thing gave us the wrong name. It should read “Pomponne” because the people who do read The SCAllion are dolls and we love all of you. Mostly. We at The SCAllion editorial desk must now barricade the doors as the two departments have opened their stores of torches and pitchforks and we just want to go home for dinner. (It’s Scappi night!)

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