Baronial Exchequer found to be padding Kingdom’s bank accounts with personal OnlyFans account

KINGDOM OF ATENVELDT – The SCAllion learned earlier today that an unnamed baronial Exchequer has secretly been padding the kingdom’s bank accounts with their own private OnlyFans operation. Records show that private donations to the Kingdom Travel Fund have been significant over the last three years, and have considerably outgrown travel costs.

Annual budget negotiations brought to light the excessive size of the designated funds, when one member of the financial committee questioned the stated proportions.

When contacted for comment, Kingdom officials were stunned to learn of this development. Said one: “Uh, wait a minute. . .let me go check into that”, another commented “Hehehehehehehehe. . .” and a third was heard to comment “Well that was where all that extra cash was coming from. Huh, how about that.” 

Other kingdom higher-ups either could not be reached for comment, or flatly refused to offer any insight into this growing controversy. We will remain embedded and deeply researching until such time as the full story can be revealed. 

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