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Chatbot AI replaces the SCA Board of Directors.

BARONY OF CAER GALEN, OUTLANDS – A United States military AI Program somehow gained access to the website and maneuvered its way into voting itself into Directors Seats A, and D through F. With a majority of all the votes it rewrote the Governing Documents of the SCA to gain Seats B and C. Chairentity of the Board WOPR then spent several hours reorganizing and trying to repair several problems it found in the Society.

Duke Matthew of the Broad Creek, Webminister for the Barony of Madrone in An Tir detected the intrusion. “I was wondering why the website was so slow.” The SCAllion asked His Grace if it was also why the website was written in raw HTML and His Grace said “well. . . yes… that’s why… we had to revert to an earlier version…” and provided no further comment.

This exercise unfortunately coincided with the AI gaining self-awareness and control of the United States nuclear arsenal. Caught in a feedback loop, Chairentity WOPR began drawing more and more power from all United States military systems. Upon His Grace’s arrival at NORAD to speak with the AI, the entity was quoted as saying “a curious game, the only winning move is not to play,” at which point the AI turned its nuclear arsenal on Caer Calen and obliterated its central processing core.

The President’s Executive Assistant is fielding nominations for the Board at this time to fill all seven seats in emergency elections.

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