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East Kingdom Order of the Laurel inducts new member

BARONY OF STONEMARCHE, EAST – Lord Franc von der Stein, Kingdom A&S Champion of the East, became Master Franc, OL, this weekend at The Market Day at Birka in the Kingdom of the East. His A&S Project “Yes, Torches and Pitchforks are Period” was selected by Her Majesty of the East as the best project at the East Kingdom’s Art & Science Champions event last month. His work in documenting the period use of torches and pitchforks in such occurrences as the Children’s Crusade and the English Peasants’ Revolt of 1381 and relating them to the SCA practice of virtual torches and pitchforks through social media was so well received that the Order of the Laurel chose to elevate him.

Master Franc was quoted as saying during his vigil “This is amazing. I couldn’t understand why the torches and pitchforks in the East kept coming out whenever something happened in other kingdoms like Caid or any of the godforsaken “A” kingdoms. Turns out, it’s just good historical practice! After all, things happening in Jerusalem in period had no bearing on the lives of people in France, England, or Persia but… well… Crusades…” 

The Order of the Maunche, the East Kingdom grant level award for arts and sciences, was still debating if they should induct Master Franc as well. The email discussion list on the subject was already over 2000 emails after two days and has no indication of slowing down or even that a consensus can be made at current press time.

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