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Zombie outbreak traced back to Birka

BARONY OF STONEMARCHE, EAST KINGDOM –  The largest shopping event outside of Pennsic, A Market Day at Birka, brought with it an extra surprise this last weekend: a massive outbreak of ZOMBI-19 virus.

As the masses shuffled out of the four hour long court groaning for “brains”, The SCAllion was able to catch up with some uninfected fleeing for their lives.

“See? This is why I wore a mask!” said Lady Orfraisia de la Chasteigneraye from the nearby Shire of Panther Vale, pointing to the KN95 beak over her face, “We were begging for months that they would allow a variance, knowing that the virus was going around, and Birka, always being a center for plague, well, you do the math.”

The Kingdom Seneschal was unavailable for comment, and last seen in the room where the Hafla was scheduled to take place, having his intestines removed by hungry members of the populace.

Onlookers from other kingdoms couldn’t help but stand in shock, “I thought the East was more about protecting their people than this,” said Mistress Ramona from Trimaris, “The governor of the state of Florida threatened to sue us into non-existence if we had any mask mandate so I honestly thought it would be safer for me to travel, you know, to the ‘blue kingdoms’, but it appears New Hampshire has really taken the ‘Live Free or Die’ motto to the grave.” 

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