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BoD names Animatronic Replica of Chester A. Arthur to Seat D

BARONY OF GYLDENHOLDT, CAID – In a message posted to the Society website, the Board of Directors announced the election of Sir Arthur Chester to Seat D of the Board of Directors.  

Mundanely, Sir Arthur Chester is an animatronic replica of Chester A. Arthur, who mainly reacts to the speaking animatronics in the educational portion of a popular theme park.

“So that’s where it went,” exclaimed Lord Finnegan mac Finnegan, Disneyland Cast Member and resident of the Barony of Gyldenholdt.  “We went into the Hall of Presidents one day and noticed it was missing, but …it’s Chester A. Arthur, you know?  It could have been gone for a while.”

The animatronic replica will take its seat on the BoD at the conclusion of the July 2023 meeting.

This will be the animatronic’s fourth term as Board Member.

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