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“Don’t you know who I am?” says Duchess Karen in a coffee shop 

DOMINION OF MYRKFAELINN, ÆTHELMEARC – Duchess Karen von Katzenberg stopped by her local coffee joint to grab a triple-shot soy caramel macchiato latte earlier this week. She was shocked and dismayed when the barista rang her up and informed her that her total came to $5. Duchess Karen, aghast at being told that she had to pay for this, demanded to know if the barista knew exactly who she was.

The barista shrugged and said, “The woman who just ordered a $5 coffee”. 

This fueled Duchess Karen’s righteous indignation as she declared, “I am a three-time Queen! I have ruled in two different kingdoms! One before you were even alive! I am Duchess Karen of Æthelmearc!” 

The barista shrugged and said, “Okay, but that’s still $5 please.” Duchess Karen had no choice but to pay for her coffee and left in a steaming rage.

The SCAllion points out that this proves the old adage that a pointy hat and $5 will, in fact, get you a coffee.

One thought on ““Don’t you know who I am?” says Duchess Karen in a coffee shop 

  1. But did her retainers leave a tip in the form of hand-blown glass beads in keeping with the theme of the coffee shop and better-than-average individually wrapped chocolates? It’s not required of peers, but it’s always a nice touch.


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