Trekkies invade Caid 12th Night festivities; three security ensigns still unaccounted for

BARONY OF NORDWACHE, CAID – Four nights ago, the Caidan Kingdom 12th Night hosted by the Barony of Nordwache was brought to a standstill as a small “Away Party” burst into the medieval-themed event.  “It was all really confusing,” said sitting Baron Phélix Panthon. “First they threw a bunch of silver glitter into the room, and then when we were all blinded for a moment, they jumped through the doors! I mean, it was kind of a cool effect; it did look like they materialized out of thin air!” 

The Queen’s Guard of Caid was just as quick to defend the royals, and in the confusion, three redshirt-wearing members of the landing crew were lost.

“We’re not sure what actually happened to them,” Acting Commander Scott Fairchild of the USS Burbank commented. “We haven’t found any bodies, and Chris, Kyle, and Lilith aren’t returning my texts.”

When we reached out for comment, the local Starfleet fan club president responded, “At this time we’re calling it a Pattern Buffer Accident.”

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