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United States Marine sick of explaining who they are and why they aren’t a peer yet

STRONGHOLD OF WARRIOR’S GATE, PALATINE BARONY OF THE FAR WEST, THE WEST – After their fifth Permanent Change of Station in seven years, a US Marine Staff Sergeant who has asked to remain anonymous lamented to The SCAllion that they think that “the three AoAs I have from three different kingdoms is nice and all, but it’s like we don’t even matter to the Society.”

When questioned, the current secretary of the West Kingdom’s Order of the Pelican, Master Ian of Colchester, shrugged, “I’ve never even heard of the guy.”

The United States Marine has entries on four kingdom Orders of Precedence, each one incomplete.

The former Baron of Calafia, Caid, had this to say about the gentle, “It was extraordinary what they did when they took down the bear single handedly at Potrero War while they were stationed at Camp Pendleton, but we think they just need a few more years to really come into their own.”

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