Crown Tournament · Northshield

Northshield to experiment with non-martial Crown Tournament formats

SHIRE OF COLDEDERNHALE, NORTHSHIELD: The SCAllion was made privy to the Kingdom of Northshield’s plans to move forward with some various experimental, non-martial Crown Tournament formats over the next several Crown Tournaments.

Northshield’s Kingdom Seneschal expanded on this concept: “So, we’ve decided to try out a few new things in the selection of our next Heirs here in Northshield,” they said. “Their Majesties came to me and asked to put out some feelers and maybe come up with some alternatives to a fighting Crown, all theoretically, of course. We asked the Stallari Council for their suggestions, and their input for alternatives ranged from lawn darts, to blackwork, to Texas Hold ’em, and my personal favorite, cornhole! We’re still looking into other options, of course, but I’m pulling for cornhole, not gonna lie.”

None of Northshield’s Chivalry could be reached for comment, but liquor stores kingdom-wide were rapidly selling out of anything on the shelves.

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