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Laurel arrested in connection with illicit antiquities dealings; claims it was the only true way to get a ‘period feel’.

BARONY OF AARNIMETSA, DRACHENWALD – Beloved Laurel Daphne of the Groves* was arrested at their home Thursday morning on counts of wire fraud, smuggling, conspiracy, possession of stolen property, and countless violations of the International Treaty for the Protection of Antiquities. Starting in 1998, the Laurel purchased and smuggled antiquities into Finland, starting off small with 15th century cutlery and ending on their latest and largest purchase of one sculpture of the Elgin Marbles which tipped off authorities and eventually led to the arrest. This Laurel has been using these antiquities to provide a ‘period feel and ambience’ to everything from their feast gear to their tent at wars, something which they were noted for in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Of particular note, one antiquity, a long lost 16th century Flemish Book of Hours, had been presented as an A&S project in 2014. It was after this project received a perfect score at Raglan Fair that the Laurel received their writ. In response to the news, one of the judges, acting as spokesperson, only had this to say: “Look, I’m just a chemist who plays in the SCA as a hobby, how was I supposed to know I was holding a real manuscript? I don’t even do scribal work!”

The authorities have requested the populace to turn in any gifts received from this Laurel so they may be repatriated to their original locations.

*name changed to a pseudonym while case is under active investigation.

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