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Newly Crowned King and Queen Banish entire populace after first event

BARONY OF LOCH SALANN, ARTEMESIA – In an astounding move, the newly crowned King Lothos and Queen Arabella ended their coronation ceremony by announcing a blanket banishment from the presence for the entire Kingdom. “We really think it’s what’s best for the Kingdom,” stated His Majesty, “It’s already made events more laid back.” 

While unprecedented, it seems to have the effect the Royals were hoping for. “This is great!” said Mistress Thora Frakisdottir, the clerk of the signet. “We finally have a bit of a breather to catch up on things. With no new award ceremonies, we’re finally shrinking that massive backlog we had.”

“We’re saving so much money!” agreed Baron Alan of Helmsdeep, Kingdom Exchequer. “No travel expenses. No wear and tear on the regalia. Even our insurance rider has gone down!” 

The Royals continued to defend their move, even going so far as to banish some of the populace from their online presence as well. “We really think the populace just needs a time out, to really think about what they’ve done.”

The banishment has been such a success the sitting Prince and Princess are considering extending the term through their reign.

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