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Tom Brady wins Bardic Championship at War of the Phoenix

American football quarterback Tom Brady recently signed on with the Kingdom of Atenveldt for the war season and has been spotted around Phoenix International Raceway by alert SCAdians. On Facebook, someone posted a picture with him in the background and a commenter asked, “Is that Tom Brady behind you in the Crown Foods line?” “I thought that dude looked familiar, but it’s been forever since I’ve seen anyone in person!” replied the OP. 

Thursday afternoon revealed the reason that Mr. Brady had come to Arizona. During the inaugural bardic championships, he brought two pieces to the Firebird stage that wowed the populace present. The first was a story in vernacular of a loyal army who did whatever it took to win 6 epic battles, and the second was the new jaunty war song, “Are You Ready for Some Melee?” 

Other performers also brought fantastically researched and performed pieces, but Mr. Brady earned the title and was victorious at the War of the Phoenix. A few Quintavians at War of the Phoenix grumbled that it was still Bill Belichick’s fault.

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