Retractions and Corrections

The SCAllion would like to put forth the below corrections and retractions for our recent stories:

We are retracting George Santos claims he’s actually John the Bearkiller, we have been made aware that George Santos claims that he spends time as someone named “John Bearkiller” not “John the Bearkiller” and he thankfully is not president of the SCA. Our other story about claiming to be a Duke of Lochac stands as printed.

In our December story Kingdom experiments with Crown Tournament being replaced by a sword in a stone; a watery tart ends up slinging a sword at current king, we need to correct the headline. Maistresse Catherine fon du Lac rightly objected to being referred to as a “watery tart” due to her undine heritage. We apologize and the writer responsible has been sacked. 

A correction to New relationship results in connection, merge of two interkingdom SCA polycules; combined polycule now has members in all 20 kingdoms; between the writing of this article and publication, a breakup occurred between members of the polycule. It now only covers 19 kingdoms.

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