SCA to offer land with each purchased AoA; become a laird or lady!

SHIRE OF VINJAR, AVACAL – The SCAllion has learned that the Kingdom of Avacal is selling Awards of Arms as a kingdom fundraiser, accompanied by a plot of land in the Shire of Vinjar.

“Become your own Lord, Lady, or equivalent title in the breathtaking Kingdom of Avacal,” reads the Facebook advertisement. “Your land ownership entitles you to an Award of Arms, to be bestowed at Royal Court. You can live your aristocratic fantasy and be respected throughout the SCA.”

Purchase includes an SCA Award of Arms which entitles the recipient to use the title of Lord, Lady, or equivalent as found in the approved alternate title index found at http://heraldry.sca.org/titles.html, a square-foot plot of land in the Shire of Vinjar, and an Award of Arms scroll with the recipients’ name on it for $50 CAN.

At $50 CAN per square foot plot, Avacal is currently offering by far the most affordable entry to the armorial in the Known World, especially with current exchange rates. Property values in other Kingdoms are generally above $75 USD per square foot, with the most expensive being at $150 USD per square foot in Caid.

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