Scallion hits 1,000 Facebook subscribers; 15,000 still remain unirritated

RIDING OF HOLLEKE TOR, KINGDOM OF AETHER — To break the fourth wall a bit, we here at The SCAllion would like to take a moment to acknowledge all of the hard work we have put in over the past few weeks and to give ourselves a firm congratulatory pat on the back for achieving the perfectly imaginable – we’ve reached 1,000 subscribers on our Facebook page! None of this would have been possible if not for our labors, sleepless nights, and half-medicated editorial staff, no thanks to you free-loaders. What began as a whimsical conversation very quickly ballooned into a full-blown newsroom and in all of about 12 hours we published our first story. Now chained to our desks in punishment for our early enthusiasm, we are obligated to keep churning out material for your entertainment and, dare we say, edification.

All of you, dear readers, are why we have continued to write and will continue to write until there is no one left who will listen. But that’s mostly what we were all doing all along anyway, right? Just shouting frustrations into the void? Lucky for us, we now have you sorry lot to shout at. Some of you even laugh at our satire and others have even taken our more pointed stories to heart. Not bad, huh?

Thank you for coming along with us. This idea would have gone down like a cup shot if not for you reading and sharing our stories. Please continue to like, share, and subscribe — there are a lot more people out there for us to annoy, and we need your help to reach them all.

Thank you again,

The SCAllion

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