Board of Directors

Ode to Member’s Only

Member’s Only has long been our access to online membership information and renewals – we remember when all memberships required a paper form and a check sent to the Milpitas office, and heaven help you if your envelope got lost in the mail. The glorious Renee would enter the information into the database and, if you checked the box and signed the form, send you a blue card.

Member’s Only was a revolution, allowing people to sign up online and request their blue cards at any time, knowing that even if their card got lost in the mail or they left it in their post-event laundry, they could access the website, print off the letter, and show Gate that yes, they were members!

Then they added the ability to see the newsletter, and oh! The connection that fostered, that it did not matter which type of member you were, you could read the newsletter and be an officer! Access is everything, and Member’s Only gave us that access.

And now, a month past when Member’s Only has retired, we grieve for the way things used to be as we return to the old methods of membership and renewal. The February newsletters slaved over by kingdom chroniclers sit unread by anyone but their proofing teams. And the mail is once again the most reliable way to renew your membership.

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