Young Adult Disappointed that the College of Phoenix Rising isn’t a Real College. 

COLLEGE OF PHOENIX RISING, MERIDIES – “I already invited my extended family to my graduation,” says Jason Billings, a 22 year old from Alabama. Jason has spent the last four years participating as an active member in the College of Phoenix Rising, making sure to attend every meeting, event, practice, and class so that he could get what he thought was a degree in Medieval Studies. “Yeah, I thought it was a little different from what I had heard about college, but, honestly, I was willing to overlook anything after I saw how cheap the tuition fees were,” Billings continued. 

Billings first heard about the College of Phoenix Rising at a presentation in high school and, having mistaken them as a college promoter, joined the College of Phoenix Rising after he graduated high school in 2019. He thought he was on the right track when he received his Award of Arms (which he mistook for an associate’s degree) in 2020, but was surprised this year when he went to his advisor (the seneschal of the group) to inquire about graduation only to find out that not only was he not graduating, but the College of Phoenix Rising wasn’t a college at all!

Though Billings and his family are disappointed, Billings has decided to look on the bright side. Now sure of his focus in school, Billings will be starting a degree in Medieval Studies this August (“I checked it was a real college twice this time!”) and has taken this opportunity to take his extended family to an event since they “already bought plane tickets and they’ll be in the area anyways.”

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