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SCA BoD member explains BoD investigated BoD, found nothing.

BARONY OF BRIGHT HILLS, ATLANTIA: The SCAllion recently had the opportunity to briefly sit down with BoD member Baron Kobashiyamatoyotama Hiromatsu, known as “Fluffy”, and listen to him discuss how he feels things are going.

“The Board of Directors fulfills an important administrative role for the Society, and frequently we have to make unfortunate decisions in regards to how things need to be run at a corporate level. It is frustrating that many people complain about decisions that we are absolutely required to make. Just because there’s no formal mechanism for the BoD to be investigated, doesn’t mean we won’t absolutely investigate ourselves,” said Baron Hiromatsu. “Just because we didn’t find anything wrong with ourselves, doesn’t mean we didn’t take the investigation completely seriously! If we were doing something wrong, we would be the first to know it, right?”

When asked about recent issues regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Baron Hiromatsu said: “We looked into that, and it’s unfortunate, some people felt like they might have been harassed, but we didn’t find anything actionable on the part of the Board or corporate officers, so we have elected to move past it for the good of the Society.”

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