An Tir

SCAdian claims pronouns are too hard; changes SCA name

SHIRE OF LIONSDALE, AN TIR – Lord Ruy Savastian de Toquemada wrote in to The SCAllion this week to express his irritation with what he called “overuse of pronouns”.

“Why,” he griped in his email, sent via an account purporting to be from “Ædelfrid Oshelmes sunu”, “does everyone and their dog need a pronoun these days? We got along perfectly fine before this nonsense. I can never remember them anyways! He, she, whatever! Why does it have to be so complicated?”

The SCAllion reached out to members of his shire to confirm his identity, and found that he had changed his name several times since he started playing.

“Oh, him?” responded the seneschal, “We usually just call him Matt, because he’ll answer to it. He has a new persona every month.”

Lord Ruy’s Award of Arms was reportedly received under the name Honda Sonjirou Shigekatsu.

Editorial note: We wish to point out that without any pronouns whatsoever, the excerpt from Lord Ruy’s email would read as follows:
“Why does and dog need a pronoun days? Got along perfectly fine before nonsense. Can never remember anyways! Why does have to be so complicated?”

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