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The SCAllion Recipe Review: Take a Dozen Leeks or More

The SCAllion has been given a sneak peek of an upcoming cookery book entitled Take a Dozen Leeks Or More: A Welsh Cookbook. We have no clue as to the publisher, release date, or author, but we are very pleased with what we have seen.  The book includes some delightful traditional recipes including a shepherd’s pie (with leeks), bangers and mash (although our reviewer didn’t find any mention of sausages, just leeks and mashed potatoes), cock-a-leekie soup, and some delightful Welsh scallion pancakes.  

Digging further into the book, we find something called a Leekie bao, which The SCAllion writers think sounds delicious, and an interesting dish called pad Welsh, which has lots of scrumptious leeks and peanut sauce.

Finally, we have a drink that seems utterly inspired by The SCAllion – a Bloody Mary with a salted rim and scallion garnish. Because we love our readers, our writers took it upon themselves to try this in the newsroom. For science, you understand. We didn’t want our readers to subject themselves to something that could be potentially awful, after all. We can confirm that this is for those readers who want the salty and the spicy. Just like The SCAllion.

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