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Blood drawn over local cuisine at craft night

BARONY OF NORDSKOGEN, KINGDOM OF NORTHSHIELD – Well, jeez, The SCAllion has some tough news for you. I guess you might say that a bit of a melee broke out during a crafting night down there in Nordskogen, dontcha ya know. Nothing to get too worked up over, but just thought you might want to know.

Countess Elise from Atlantia was up for work and was invited by Her Royal Highness Yasmin to stop on over for the evening to socialize. Yasmin being a proper hostess and all that, provided some hotdish and lefse for everyone who came on out to work on this or that, maybe get some help if they needed it. “So, ya know, when Elise showed up I asked her ‘Didja eat yet?’ like we do up here, and do you know what she says? She has the gumption to say ‘Yeah, I’m good, thanks!’ Well, what’s that all about!?” Her Royal Highness told SCAllion reporters. “I tried several more times to offer her some hotdish or coffee or my lemon bars and she just refused!”

The scuffle broke out when Her Excellency Elise tried and disliked what was offered. “She wasn’t even polite enough to say ‘oh, that’s different!’ or to casually place her plate upside down in the trash bin so no one could see. She just said she didn’t like it, like some kind of crazy person!” Yasmine told The SCAllion.

Baroness Lena did her best to be a peacemaker, but folks are saying that sewing needles were drawn and brandished like knives, and when blood was drawn, Elise fled the scene with some pretty unkind words, if you know what I mean. And I bet you do!

“Welp, I ‘spose that’s about it then,” Yasmin said, slapping her thigh in a resigned manner, “that relationship might be a bit on thin ice, but that’s the way she goes sometimes, ya know?” Den everybody settled back down with their coffee and bars because that gown isn’t going to sew itself!

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