Cynagua · West

West Kingdom Seneschal exposed as three raccoons in a surcoat

SHIRE OF FENDRAKE MARCH, CYNAGUA, WEST KINGDOM – In an unexpected turn of events, the Seneschal of the Principality of Cynagua was recently discovered to be three raccoons in a surcoat and unshaped felt hat.

Speaking to The SCAllion on condition of anonymity, a member of the local populace said that people became suspicious when the seneschal was observed to be washing their paws an unusual amount before eating.

“It’s clearly a case of habitat loss,” said Thegn Dongall, who said they have watched a documentary on raccoons on PBS. “Their usual food sources have become unavailable or hard to access due to human habitat encroachment, so it’s logical that they’d adapt by putting on garb and purchasing feast.”

When asked if they planned to remove the raccoons from office, both the Prince of Cynagua and the Kingdom Seneschal said no. “Their memberships are up to date, and they frankly have a better social media strategy than most humans,” said the Prince.  The Kingdom Seneschal added, “There’s nothing in Corpora preventing raccoons from holding office, and we have had fewer complaints about them as principality seneschal than we did for their predecessor.”

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