Board of Directors

SCA Board of Directors implements new and creative ways to drive off current members

BARONY OF DARKWOOD, PRINCIPALITY OF THE MISTS, THE WEST –  In a move today that shocked exactly no one across the entire Known World, the Society for Creative Anachronism’s Board of Directors announced that the current masking variance policy, due to expire March 1st, would not be renewed, and no further variances would be granted, instead punting all responsibility back to mundane local and state authorities.

An unnamed Board member was quoted as saying: “We’re so tired of getting harassed by certain people about not granting mandates, we figured the easiest way to make it stop was to do everything we could to drive them away from the organization. Unfortunately, this will likely have the side effect of creating a situation where some of our more at risk members will inevitably be put in compromising positions, which could result in some few fatalities. While we absolutely do not wish to lose any of our members in this fashion, we simply cannot continue to ignore the loudly vocal minority who wish the possibility of mandates done away with.”

Another member of the Board of Directors went on: “I find myself in complete agreement with my colleague, though I will reiterate that we do not wish ill on anyone. But I agree that I am absolutely sick and tired of getting told how bad a job I’m doing. I mean, we know what a solid job of losing the minimal trust of the membership we’re doing, people don’t need to keep telling us.”

A third Board member elaborated on more details: “We are also looking at some other changes and policies we can implement. We’re looking at doing away with all food safety requirements that are not required by municipality or site contract. We feel this will bring us closer to period experiences. We are also exploring the possibility of allowing rapier, archery, and heavy combat anywhere on an event site, not just confined to the lists. We feel this will create a more dynamic environment for all event participants, and keep everyone on their toes!”

The SCAllion will continue its research into this developing situation and keep our dear and valued readers abreast of any further changes.

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