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The SCAllion Leeks: Who is Behind The SCAllion?

It is a question that has been on everybody’s lips. Who is behind The SCAllion? What are their aims? Where do they come from? Where will they go? Are any of them called Joe and do they have cotton eyes? Your intrepid reporter aims to find out.

The investigative team has scoured high and low, they have asked so many people, as this has turned into a perfect storm. And now the tables have turned. Is it a Rose filled with thorns? The investigative team has been second guessing like “Oh my gosh, who is she?”, and we know you all are drunk with jealousy [about their wit and eloquence] but now there’s a blank space, and we will write a name.

It’s now too late for The SCAllion team to change events. It’s time to face the consequence for delivering the proof, for their policy of truth. It’s summertime (somewhere), and the living is easy. I hear that one of The SCAllion team is rich, and the other is pretty, so hush now, before they cry.

The SCAllion’s investigative team is never going to give up on you, or let you down. They won’t say goodbye, or desert you. The team won’t run around and hurt you anymore. But now the time for the truth is here. The big reveal. Are you all ready? We’re going to reveal who’s behind The SCAllion…found by clicking on the photo.

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