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Drachenwald Heralds Assist in Finding Benedict Cumberbatch a “Less Cumbersome” Name

SHIRE OF THAMESREACH, DRACHENWALD – In an unprecedented move, famed actor of stage and screen Benedict Cumberbatch approached the Shire of Thamesreach’s herald and asked for help in registering a new name. The shire herald told The SCAllion, “Yeah, it was really weird. There I was down Covent Garden minding my own beeswax, and Mr. Cumberbatch comes up to me, and is all ‘hey, I need some help, and I hear you’re good with names’, so, what could I do?“

Mr. Cummerbund is reportedly tired of the comic variations of his name that have proliferated across the internet, and has informed Thamesreach’s herald that he wants something less “eggy”, more dignified. The herald has been working closely with Mr. Crumplesnap to find a suitable name.

Possible new names include Clement St. Benedict, Baldwin Corby and Yñigo Ximenes. When asked for comment, Schwarzdrachen Herald informed The SCAllion that this was being handled with the utmost discretion, and that they have no further information or comments to add.

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