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New Rubber Band Gun Registry

BARONY OF STARGATE, KINGDOM OF ANSTEORRA – In a surprise announcement from Ansteorra’s Kingdom Rapier Marshal John ‘Swifty’ Pointyboots, Ansteorra will require registering rubber band guns and issue serial numbers to them.

This unusual move, given the nature of real world gun laws of the kingdom, shocked many. When asked for an explanation as to why this decision was made, Ansteorra’s Rapier Marshal said: “There has been a significant increase in ghost rubber band guns crossing the border into our kingdom. These ghost guns may not be compliant nor safe to use in rapier melee and it was decided that some action needed to be taken to protect our citizens.” A follow up question about the availability of actual firearms and the dangers these posed to citizens of Ansteorra was met with a terse “No comment”.

Beginning April 1 of this year, all residents of Ansteorra who own a rubber band gun will have to register it with the kingdom. If it has no serial number, one will be assigned to the rubber band gun and is required to be legibly marked on the rubber band gun itself. Ownership of the rubber band gun will be tracked in any sale to another individual.

A.P. Tracer, a noted rubber band gun advocate, spoke out against the restriction. “There are several problems here. A rubber band shot off the finger is not addressed, only the rubber band gun itself. Such a restriction violates our rights. We may have to resort to zip guns and linoleum squares like they did in the 1950’s, which are far more difficult to control and manufacture.”

The kingdom Rapier Marshal stated that a website will be posted soon for members to register their rubber band gun.

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