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SCA Fighting Event invades Ballroom Competition

BARONY OF STORMHOLD, LOCHAC – In a strange turn of events one of the largest heavy fighting tournaments in Lohac has gone Strictly Ballroom. Due to a scheduling snafu, the fighter favorite Stormhold Tournament Series event had some flashy crowd-pleasing competition.

The Australian Ballroom Federation’s Southern District’s Waratah Championships, which has taken place on the same date since 1973, had been double booked with the event’s indoor spaces.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said event steward Lady Franscisca Luhrmann, “all our planning shot because of these dancers unwilling to compromise!” Most of the combatants seemed unimpressed as well. “I was so distracted by the sequins and big hair, I couldn’t land a single wrap shot!” Duke Stephen Hastings was heard to lament.

One squire was surprisingly excited about the clash of competitions. “One of the coaches was really great!” Lord Kenneth Railings told the reporter. “He promised to show me this dance move called the Bogo Pogo. Said it could help with my offside defense!”

There’s no news yet if the Australian National Ballroom competition will conflict with Lochac Crown.

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