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The SCAllion Recipe Review: A Persian Cookbook; The Manual by Bavarchi

Today’s recipe book review comes from 16th century Persia – “A Persian Cookbook; The Manual by Bavarchi”. The SCAllion has to admit that initially, we were really disappointed in this book; alliums have a long and storied history in the countries of the Persian Gulf, and yet. Yet, your humble writers could find nary a mention of a scallion or a leek.

We at The SCAllion were fully prepared to give this cookery manual a solid 0/5, but then we spied a rare gem. A recipe entitled “Twice the Onion”, which we think describes The SCAllion perfectly. This delightful recipe contains almost eight pounds of onions (that’s almost 3.5 kilograms for our metric readers!). And then, meatball-stuffed onions. Meatball-stuffed onions. That alone is worth its weight, in well, scallions.

In conclusion, despite earlier beliefs, and showing that we are capable of changing opinions based on new data, we give Bavarchi a solid 5/5. And the newsroom will be eating meatball-stuffed onions tonight!

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