Goody Advice: Encampments, awards, and more

Dear Goody, 

My persona is 11th century Norman and my wife’s is Elizabethan. We’re struggling to figure out how to make a period encampment that meets both of our standards! Help!

-Very Far Apart

Dear Very Far Apart,

Compromise is fundamental to a relationship and all relationships benefit from new experiences! Why not compromise on an entirely new period and personas for both of you? We are particularly fond of the Vendel period in Scandinavia but you could really push the boat out and do Joseon period Korean.

Remember, if you don’t want to be accused of cultural appropriation, you should really push the boat out. Mortgage payments can be deferred so long as you’re creating a perfectly period encampment. Banks love to give leeway to winners of A&S competitions.

Hope this helps!

-Goody Advice

Dear Goody, 

I have been involved in the Society for 22 years. I am the exchequer of my barony and usually help in the kitchen doing dishes during feasts. I still don’t have my AoA. Am I doing something wrong?


Not A Lord.

Dear N. A. Lord, 

You are not doing anything wrong, but your Baronage is. At the next Barony meeting, suggest playing a round of I Spy as an icebreaker and have a friend declare “I spy with my little eye one of our barony members who is still not a Lord, Maybe you should write them in, Your Excellency.” 

Hope this helps!

-Goody Advice

Dear Goody,

How do I get stains out of a bliaut?

Worried and Stained

Dear Worried,

I shall answer your real question: Blood can generally be removed with a rinse of clean, cold water and a bit of peroxide or enzyme cleaner. This is quite useful after contentious Laurel meetings, scathing Art/Sci judging confrontations, or if you get too close to the Lysts in the 9th round of finals at Crown Tourney when the combatants have only been hit ‘tippy’ so far. 

Hope this helps!

-Goody Advice

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