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SCA College of Arms Asked for Help With Coronation of King Charles III

The SCAllion has been informed that Nigel Boorington, Garter King of Arms of the College of Arms of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and much of the Commonwealth reached out earlier this week to Mistress Christiana of York, Laurel Sovereign of Arms of the SCA College of Arms.

The SCAllion was told that Mistress Christiana received an interesting phone call earlier this week from Boorington, asking for help in regards to coronation ceremonies. Boorington is reported to have said, “I was not even born at the time of the last Coronation of the United Kingdom, I haven’t the faintest idea what’s going on. The Society of Creative Anachronism College of Arms conducts Coronations every six months across twenty Kingdoms, and you have researchers on staff who have conducted in-depth research into Coronation practices. Please help.”

Christiana was initially bemused at the idea of having “research staff” or indeed that the Society for Creative Anachronism College of Arms ran coronations, asking the Brit if he understood just how much like herding cats this was. He laughed raucously. However, they finally acquiesced to the request stating “It is rather nice to be recognized for the level of research heralds in the SCA have done. We are happy to help, just let us know what is needed.”

Boorington reportedly breathed a sigh of relief and was heard to comment, though not directly to his Society counterpart, “Oh, thank heavens! We don’t have to write this bloody thing from scratch or recreate it from grainy video!” Principal Heralds across the Knowne World were heard spluttering at that statement, with comments such as “we should be so lucky!”

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