Goody Advice: Dance; not a peer

Dear Goody,

My friends and I went to a ball and decided we just wanted to dance to the music rather than pay attention to the dance mistress.Everyone was really upset with us! Why can’t we do modern dance at SCA events?

Ready to Party

Dear Party,

Two words: medieval club. Instead, sate your heart by grabbing some mates and hitting the club in garb after feast. Galliard, Pavane and Volta your way into the hearts of the locals. You’ll be a smash! 

Hope this helps!

-Goody Advice

Dear Goody, 

This weekend was the third A&S event in a row where I had people asking me “Why aren’t you a Laurel yet?” and now I’m really starting to get down about it. People seem to think I’m ready, but I just can’t get there!

-Not a Laurel

Dear N. A. Laurel

That’s a lot to unpack so let’s review some possibilities- your work or yourself may need to become more well known, you have some refinements that may be holding you back and you should heed the advice of your trusted Peers, you pissed off a gatekeeper Laurel in your art and they are bitter because they are still breathing, the Circle may be churlish and hasty-witted elitists, or you might be a dick. Do consider all possibilities.

Hope this helps!

-Goody Advice

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