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Baronial Fighter Practices Appear to be Targeted by Weather

BARONY OF CAER GALEN, KINGDOM OF THE OUTLANDS – The SCAllion scored an exclusive interview with the knight’s marshal of the Barony of Caer Galen, based out of Boulder, Colorado, where something rather strange is going on. Baron Ricolf de Westerburch told The SCAllion, “It’s really weird; the weather is great on Monday, and Tuesday, then we get to Wednesday morning, and it’s raining heavily, or there’s high wind all day, or the local National Weather Service folk have us under a tornado warning for the entire day. And I mean, when the NWS lot give you a tornado warning for here, you listen – they like protecting their own asses! Then, Thursday morning comes along, and we have gorgeous blue skies, sunshine, it’s not too hot, you name it until Saturday evening, when it gets gross again. I don’t get it. What does the weather have against fighter practice? It’s not like we fight stoned or anything!”

The SCAllion was able to talk to Mistress Valencia de Montagnana, OL, modernly a leading meteorology researcher and lecturer, at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Sciences (LASP) — a research institute of the University of Colorado – Boulder, asking if she had any insight. “I honestly have no clue” she told us, “it’s most strange, almost predictable, but there’s no real weather patterns we can see. Though I must say, it does have a silver lining — more time to work on arts and sciences for everyone!”

As The SCAllion was leaving the LASP building, one of Mistress Valencia’s graduate students approached us and asked us to meet them at the nearby Flatiron Coffee shop in 30 minutes. Speaking under the condition of anonymity, they told us, “look, I don’t know if this is related to your story, but a while back, Valencia had a bunch of us working on a project, trying to see how we could influence the atmosphere to produce localized adverse weather conditions on day-long timescales. I don’t know what happened to the research, or the instruments we built to do it, cause she was really hush hush about the project sponsor, etc..” The graduate student fled, telling The SCAllion that they had to go teach their advisor’s class and couldn’t be late, before we could ask any further questions.

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