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Local brewer confused why his double clove imperial IPA tested poorly at round table

SHIRE OF HARROWS CROSS, AVACAL – At a recent Baronial Arts and Sciences event, a local brewer was shocked and confused when his double clove Imperial IPA tested poorly at the brewer’s round table held that afternoon.

Baron Etienne Laurent seemed baffled when his beer was judged poorly. He was quoted as saying: “I have no idea what they could find wrong with it! There was a half cup of clove in that. It says ‘double clove’ right in the name, after all. Was it the thyme sprigs? Could it have been the sriracha? I don’t know what’s wrong with these people, they have no palate!”

During and immediately after the tasting, judges were heard describing Baron Etienne’s beverage as “disgusting,” “unpalatable,” “what the hell was that,” “insanity,” along with a number of gagging and vomiting noises. Thankfully, the event was held three doors down from the local ambulance depot, so the four reported cases of suspected poisoning were administered to almost immediately.

The SCAllion declined Baron Etienne’s offer of a case of his IPA to take back to the editorial offices, citing “Dry Forever” month.

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