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SCAllion Editorial Board: To whoever put a Blackfox award for us under a cardboard box propped up by a stick – nice try


It’s not the policy of us here at The SCAllion to break with our usual style of dispassionate reporting and speak directly to the audience, but we recently came across a Blackfox Award with our name on it, and we wanted to take a moment to say a few words directly from us to whichever high-level officer(s) of the Society made this for us.

First and foremost, thank you. It’s always an honor to be nominated for the Blackfox Award, and that you think of us as a worthy publication says more than the award itself how highly you think of us.

We are unable to accept the Blackfox Award at this time, partly because neither the Board of Directors nor The SCAllion Editorial Board wishes us to become an official publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, but mainly because the award with our name on it was found under a stick box trap straight out of a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

I mean, come on: do better.  We’re an elite group of writers and editors, not animated rabbits.  Respect us and put some effort in.

The SCAllion will not be responding to requests for comment found under suspended nets; baiting cat, bear or mouse traps; in rooms with only one door; or inside a circle of rope next to bent-over trees.

NOTE: a previous version of this story claimed that the writers and editors of The SCAllion have all “attained the super-secret sixth peerage.” There’s absolutely definitely no such thing and The SCAllion regrets the oversight.

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