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Taking advantage of “no start date” for SCA period, Ealdormere crowns first T. rex persona

SHIRE OF BASTILLE DU LAC, EALDORMERE –  His Majesty Gnaagh has made SCA history by becoming the first reigning monarch with a dinosaur persona, specifically a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

“This is inevitable once you realize there’s no start date for SCA personas,” Gnaagh’s Chamberlain Snaawl told us. “Someone was always going to go for a Jurassic reign, and I’m actually excited to be part of making history with it.”

While most of the populace is taking things in good humor, some admit it’s taken getting used to. Lord Alardus dictus Renart, a seven year veteran of the Society spoke with The SCAllion regarding having a crown with a persona from the Upper Cretaceous. “It’s only a little harder to pay attention to court when most of the talking is the King making dinosaur noises.  And of course, His Majesty closing court by playing the Jurassic Park music and attacking the audience has had a real effect. People’s cardio has gotten quite a bit better, though I suppose the music for Jurassic Park isn’t quite the right period.”

Gnaagh has claimed to have done extensive persona research, and worked hard to develop a fighting style that was effective despite his shortened forearms.  “It was really exciting helping him research and craft this persona,” said Snaawl. “About the only place things have really taken a stretch is that he wanted a Jurassic reign, and of course, the T. rex is documentable to the Cretaceous. It’s moments like that which bring the ‘creative’ part to ‘creative anachronism’.”

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