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Time Traveling Knight of the SCA returns from Agincourt; immediately begins supporting Additional Peerage

SHIRE OF NITHGAARD, ÆTHELMEARC – Duke William of Fossmore, who in modern life is a theoretical physics researcher at Penn State, recently returned after his first trip in his new time machine. He travelled to “get the real story” about the battle of Agincourt because “those archers are always claiming it was they who won it when we all know it really was just Harry’s Speech.” 

His research assistants and grad students had a hard time getting the story out of Duke William, but it seems he materialized on the French side of the battle. When interviewed by The SCAllion they reported that he kept muttering “arrows… everywhere, arrows…” “They’re coming out of the goddamn trees!!” and “oh gods… they just slaughtered fallen knights not caring about ransom!” Once His Grace calmed down he immediately contacted the Society Board of Directors and gave a well-reasoned and passionate argument in support of the new archery/omnibus Peerage.

Duke William concluded his missive with: “My gods, maybe if they get the archery peerage it will calm them down enough so they don’t start taking daggers to us when we’re downed at Pennsic.” He immediately destroyed the time machine and all his research shortly thereafter because “there are things which are too upsetting to know the truth of.”

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