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BREAKING: Interim SCA Board of Directors lifts R&Ds previous BoD placed on selves

BARONY OF BODLINGTONE, BODLANDIA — The SCAllion has uncovered breaking news from the SCA’s Interim Board of Directors: They are immediately lifting the Revocations and Denials of Membership the previous BoD had imposed on themselves.

Interim Board President Duke Wulfstan of the High Mountains elaborated: “We just think the previous BoD deserves a second chance. We believe they have learned their lesson, and will be much better SCAdians going forward. We as an interim Board have made the unanimous decision to not only lift their R&Ds, but to immediately step aside and allow the previous Directors to take their positions back right away. After all, they were smart enough to R&D themselves for their previous issues and transgressions, and having some time away has surely given them better insight into how to better serve the SCA going forward.”

Newly reinstated Board member Mistress Elizabeth Conrad Schwartzengruben was quoted as saying: “Have they calmed down yet? Good gosh, these people need to relax a little. Now that we’re back in place we’ll pick up where we left off and continue to ignore everyone equally. We don’t want to be accused of favoritism or racism or sexism or misogyny or any of those other things we were accused of before.”

The SCAllion will closely monitor the newly reinstated Board for further reporting, which we have no doubt will be soon in coming.

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